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TLDR: MEV is not fundamental. I encourage everyone to focus on how to systematically eliminate MEV. SwapSwap is our first step in this fight.

What exactly are MEV and Flashbots??

Miner extractable value (MEV) is a term coined by Philip Daian et al. [1] that refers to the profit that a miner can make by including, excluding, or re-ordering transactions within the blocks that they generate. As a result, MEV extraction is frequently associated with trade-based market manipulation techniques like front-running, back-running and sandwich attacks.

Finding optimal MEV solutions is a difficult problem. This is due not only to the miners’ need to solve this dynamic game in real time, but also to the constant development of new DeFi protocols and creative new ways to extract MEV. What’s more, even…

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Wow, automated market maker (AMM) decentralised exchanges (DEXs) are so sexy! Come on, they are the best! Look at these projects, Uniswap, Bancor, Curve, … They are non-custodial, don’t require KYC, and their pricing formula is public. Oh and everything on Ethereum is transparent, transparency is always good! What can go wrong?

Wait wait, oh Ethereum is transparent. Emm… everyone else can see my transaction before it is confirmed and place their trade before me? Emm… there is no regulation? Hmm… interesting, I can do attacks in this dark forest without getting punished?

Disclaimer: This article is to promote our…

Set up an Ethereum Smart Contract development environment in less than 1 min


Step 1:

truffle unbox lzhou1110/drizzle-truffle-ganache-docker-box

Step 2:




Now you have everything ready to develop a sexy DApp. Happy coding :)

The Problem

Recently I was hired as a casual worker for a DApp project. This was so exciting for me because the startup idea was pretty cool and I can write everything from scratch. After some discussion with the team members, we decided to use Truffle suite for this project.

I have previously used Truffle and Ganache in other projects and had a pretty good experience, especially for the development and testing process. Also, I have realised that the…

Google Colab (Jupyter Notebook hosted on the web) is a great tool for live-coding and visualization in python. I found it particularly useful in testing ideas from published research papers. Colab deals with all the environment configurations, and I can run code using GPU just with a browser.

Colab stores the .ipynb files in Google Drive, which can be easily shared to anyone, just like Google Docs. I usually share my notebooks with my friends when I found anything interesting. …

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